Thursday, February 5, 2009

Step 1

So I did it!

The situations were not quite what I had planned heh, as my sister was at an internet cafe that didn't even have cameras, and she only had 30 minutes before they were closing, so it was a little odd, but I did it! I basically just said "here goes" and I just said it. She actually said she was a little surprised, but she said she could was actually relieved cause she had started to feel like i was really lonely these past few years and she didn't know why.

I still think she was a little stunned by the time we got off but she definitely was supportive and gave me her opinion on how best to approach the others on my "list". She also laughed at me for having a list (but I stand by it!).

I'm definitely relieved to have finally done one after talking about it so long, but now about 2 hours later, it's kind of hitting me... this isn't some bell that can be unrung if I decide I'm scared of living in the open two weeks from now. This is it.

I really hope they all go this well...


  1. congrats! Im glad that you did it and it went well. For me (and many others) telling the first person caused a great feeling of relief. I remember feeling as if a weight had been lifted. Did you experience this? Regardless, I know how you feel-- once its out there, you can't un-say it. Good Luck on the others!


  2. Yes, definitely relief, but also a little bit of panic. No going back in the closet now.

    It's all a good thing though.

  3. i'm happy to hear your sister is very accepting of you, and it's great to have one person behind you on it. you don't need to rush into coming out, it's a slow process and you should be comfortable with it.