Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So last year I was indisposed so this was the first year I could really attend pride events, like the parade. It was awesome!

Broadway Bares

So as a sharp-eyed commenter noticed, I was in the audience of Broadway Bares XX, which was HOT! I thought it would be cheesy and show-tuney, and while there was some of that, it was basically the best strip show I've ever been to. If you ever get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend it. I didn't take any pics cause I was shy, but tons of people did.

James Beard Gay Soiree

So I'm also a bit of a foodie, and the James Beard house has an annual cocktail party celebrating gay chefs throughout the city. It was Saturday, the day before pride, and the food was unbelievably good.

My favorite were the cupcakes served by this amazing drag queen, Chocolatina.

She was about seven feet tall.


So I didn't get to attend the parade last year due to a slightly embarassing conflict (go back in the archives if you have to know), but I went this year and it was AWESOME!
Dan Choi and Constance




Asian Pride

And some of the schwag from the parade handouts:

Happy Pride everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Pride!!!

So excited for pride this year!

Been going to some related events already.


So for memorial day our friends organized a rafting trip in the poconos. I was apprehensive, but it ended up being awesome.


So I mentioned Amsterdam and Belgium, but the good pics are on my friend's camera, and she's still in Europe, so this is one of mine.

Mermaid Parade

So the coney island mermaid parade is not gay-related by definition, but there's definitely alot of queer interest, so it is pretty fun, and seems related to Pride somehow. Chris and I made it out there with some friends and it was super fun.

I want one of these bikes!

Pride Weekend

For pride weekend, we have a lot planned already. We're going to see the soccer game tomorrow, and then we're going to this dinner being thrown that features a lot of notable gay chefs from high-profile restaurants in NYC. Sunday we're going to meet some friends for brunch and watch the parade, and we're doing a BBQ afterwards back at our new place!


In other news, I've been getting back into working out after moving to the new 'hood and finding a new gym. I'm kind of liking my new one. I'm trying to go at least 4 times a week, 2 of those times being yoga classes. We'll see how it goes...

Happy Pride everyone!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What comment setting to use?

Back from Amsterdam and Belgium! The pics are on my friend's camera but I'll find a good one for you guys soon.

In the meantime, what setting do you other bloggers use to avoid all the crazy linkspam? I thought by forcing it to be registered users it would be fine, but it doesn't seem to be working. Should I go down to just Google Accounts?

Bleh, Cleaning up all this spam sucks.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


With the stress of the move behind us, we're going on vacation!

Anyone got any recommendations for Amsterdam/Belgium?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Domesticity and stuff and stuff

Domesticity Update

Chris moved his stuff in last week! We've been living together for about 2 weeks, really, and we had our first party here on Memorial day and it was a total success!

I told my Dad and he didn't sound super thrilled actually, but whatever, I'll let them be. Haven't talked to my Mom directly about it yet.

My new favorite thing

So this is a conversation I've had about 3 times in the past month.
Friend: Wow you guys are moving in!
Me: Yep.
Friend: That's huge! Moving in is like, the gay equivalent of getting married!
Me: [straight face] I would hope that getting married is the gay equivalent of getting married.
Friend: [liberal guilt for the rest of their life].

Hehe. I know, I'm bad.

Speaking of weddings

I have like 7 weddings to go to this year, most in California. It's costing me a fortune in plane tickets, hotels, and gifts. The monetary hit wouldn't feel quite so sharp if it wasn't all in support of such a shamelessly unequal institution. I know this all sounds a little tired, but there it is. So I think starting in 2011, I'm going to be up front with my friends and family and let them know that I just am not going to attend any weddings in states that don't allow gay marriage. I dunno if i'll be able to commit to this for real, but we'll see.

Oh yeah

Anyone have any recommendations on how to stop the ridiculous comment spam? I even turned on the captcha thing and I still get flooded with it.