Monday, August 31, 2009

In memory

Lot has happened the past few weeks so I haven't gotten to post much.

In short, my grandmother passed away about two weeks ago, and I had to go back to SF last weekend for the funeral. I don't really wanna talk about that much, so I'm not gonna, but I will just say, she was 89 and her death was not unexpected; she lived an amazing wonderful life, and I'm grateful and humbled by everything she accomplished in her life so I could have a better one.

Much love, everyone.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Posting for Post's Sake

1) This post is mostly so the embarassing sex positions post won't be up top..

2) Things with Chris are going really good. He had a party at his new place yesterday and I invited some of my friends too, although the embarassing part is I started getting Asian flush, which I normally never get, but when I do get it is all over my body and really kinda gross. Still his friends and my friends got along which is always fun.

3) We're throwing around the idea of a trip of some kind... I think it would be fun to just go back to Fire Island with him, or maybe we might just do something more casual like a day trip to a beach... I kind of hate overplanning stuff, but it's kind of inevitable at this stage huh.

4) So since I totally overshare on this blog and I kind of cling to the thin veil of security through obscurity, I was totally jostled today when I was browsing pictures on Letopho's blog and found that we have a mutual friend. It's a small world after all... Despite the fact that I have my picture and use real names on my blog, I feel like I can be super frank about a lot of stuff (sex, relationships, neuroses) that I wouldn't tell anyone I know in real life just cause it's all strangers on the internet. Still, I guess since the bubble of bloggers I read are mainly of similar background to me both ethnically and geographically, it's not that surprising after all. I'm still a little spooked though. I may start taking down some pictures ^^.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oversharing about Positions

Ok, so a few posts back I made an offhand comment about trying to find a gay kama sutra... now I'm not trying to burn up the world here but it's just... I can't seem to do the "cowgirl", er "cowboy" position and it's frustrating me. The first time I tried it, it was just incredibly painful, and the second time I just couldn't seem to get the position right.

Like... where am I supposed to put my legs/feet? I don't think I'm doing it right.

The other positions are working fine, this is just one that is eluding me...

OK, I feel awkward now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Steve MacIssac

Not the normal fare of this blog but a friend tipped me off to the artwork of Steve MacIssac and I thought I'd share it.

I love the strong line work, but I also like how he draws all different sorts of guys and body types, and combines strong visual storytelling techniques with minimalist dialogue, and sometimes just strong graphic layout to get a message across.