Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Upcoming weekend plans

On a lighter note now, things with the bf are going really great.

We've gotten into a routine now where we meet at my apartment mid-week once or twice and cook dinner, watch TV, and have sex. I talk to him pretty often every day, either on IM or on the phone. Then on weekends, he'll come over here or I'll go over there and we'll hang out all weekend.

With the long weekend coming up, we toyed with the idea of doing a short vacation; I actually called a few B&B's in Fire Island, but they were all booked on such short notice. I think we'll maybe try to do that in September. Instead, we're going to staycation in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and do a beach day trip to either Sandy Hook in NJ, or Cherry Grove on Fire Island for all of Sunday. I think I'm kinda proud of myself for not getting freaked out about a vacation together like I have about everything else.


  1. is a gay social network that is geered towrd gays of color specifically. A lot of Asians, Blacks, Latinos in the US.

    A lot o the folks on there are young, but there are a good handful of older folks.

    It's a great networking tool.

    I use it to organize the gaysians I meet at clubs.

  2. so is it a "social network" like facebook or a "social network" like manhunt?