Sunday, September 20, 2009

Business as usual

After we had exchanged 6 words total, I was worried that things would change. I'm happy to say that things haven't! Everything's been pretty awesome. We spent all weekend going to friends' birthday parties, and the awesome thing is that I really like his friends and my friends really like him, and it's all a lot of fun. It makes for a crowded social calendar, but I can't complain.

Well, I can't say nothing has changed. I find myself grinning stupidly at times. I went shopping after yoga today and I almost bought these ridiculous heart-shaped ramekins:

I had a momentary vision of baking eggs for him on a Sunday morning. Then I snapped out of it and turned and ran. Barf, right?

I wish I had more pictures to share with you guys other than the vomit inducing ramekins. One of the bday parties we went to was for one of his gay friends and it was at a Gogo Bar in the East Village. It was super fun. At one point, I got Chris to slip a dollar into a gogo boy's underwear, which he did but he made a face. Hehe. There was also this IMPOSSIBLY endowed gogo boy that we spent all night just trying to figure out the physics of it. He let one our female friends actually reach under his towel and touch it at one point, and she assured us it was all-too-real. I am going to have nightmares about that one. Seriously, I wish I had pictures. It was like, beyond porn.

Speaking of which, the porn thing came up again, although very casually. I was at his place, and his porn on his computer is just right there, next to his downloaded episodes of "Mad Men". So first of all, I was relieved that it was pretty much the same stuff I looked at. Nothing crazy; not exclusively Asian porn (which would have been a red flag). Second, I was struck by how open he was about it. Being closeted for so long, my computer porn is locked down like Fort Knox. They will find the lost city of Atlantis before they find my porn. I guess it struck me that I probably don't have to be as crazy cautious as I have been with it... But I probably still will be hehe.

Anyway, things are going pretty great! The weather has been amazing, so I'm going to go meet the boyfriend for an outdoor bbq in about an hour.


  1. good to hear things are going just had a cheesy moment with those ramekins. some people are just open about their porn some are more private.

  2. i have porn on my desktop....

    actually, it's my screen saver.

  3. Hehe. Me and Peppermint started dating cause went looking for the porn on his computer.

    I'm glad you two are having so much fun together! Good luck fitting everyone in, it sounds like things are getting kind of hectic socially.