Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleeping in fail!

OK. I'm having an amazing weekend, but it was slightly marred by the fact that I forgot to turn off my work alarm that goes off M-F so I woke up at 8 today. Chris was able to get back to sleep and I felt bad keeping him up by fidgeting in bed, so I decided to go to the bakery and get some stuff for breakfast. Only I got here and they open 2 hours later for labor day I guess...

So to recap the weekend... Chris slept over Friday and we didn't do much- we just played some video games. On Saturday we met up with some friends for brunch which somehow got turned into a whole day of drinking on my steps and then margaritas and then dinner. I also went to the Barney's sale and bought a really cute blue striped Hugo Boss suit for $450! I have like 3 more weddings to attend this year so I figured a new suit was in order.

Sunday was the beach day! I had never gone to Sandy Hook but it was definitely the nicest beach near NYC that I've been too. The ferry to get there is only 45 mins, but it is a little pricey at 40 bucks round trip per person. We brought our own beer, wine, and sandwiches, and we met up with my super good friends who were celebrating their 1 year anniversary that day! Chris and I had been joking all weekend about whether or not we'd actually take off our clothes, but honestly I never thought in a million years I'd do it. So when we got there, and I realized it wasn't all creepy old men (and there were actually some HOT guys), I just decided to go for it, and Chris and our friends eventually followed suit... or... lack therof. It was really funny at first, both the weird sensation of being totally naked on a windy beach, as well as the panorama of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes, but the novelty wore off and it just became comfortable. Toward the end of the day, we realized that the people wearing the suits actually stood out more than the nudes. SO MUCH FUN. We're definitely going back the first weekend of next summer! Here's the only photo of me I feel comfortable posting, heh. Feel free to be distracted by my beautiful friends in the background.

We got back and between all the alcohol and the exertion of swimming in the ocean and all the sun, we just passed the fuck out. I managed to rally to meet some friends for drinks that were visiting from out of town, but only for like a beer, and then we headed back home.

OK I'm dumb, I just realized that this bakery is closed for labor day. Bah. Uhh, here's another oversharing picture. Yup! That's Chris!


  1. Sexy! I've been to a nude beach once. The sheriff was patrolling it so I wasnt too obvious. Not to many people to look at either.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun minus the sleep thing. Chris is ADORABLE! and you guys look really cute together. I wish you two more fun and happy times together!

  3. How cute!!
    Nude beach! You are brave.

    I usually get boners on the beach, I don't know how i'd handle being nude on top of that.

  4. you can always lay on your front. I think that's why my back got more tan than my chest heh.