Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oversharing topic: Ass

So um. It's time for me to admit that I'm a total hypocrite, in the oversharing manner that I normally do. Ok, let me start from the top.

[REDACTED for future modesty :/]


  1. Dont be scared. I mostly bottom and i still love eating ass...i mean it feels so good why would you wanna keep that from your special someone especially if they are so willing to gift it to you. AT the same time only do it if you are comfortable.

  2. I... on toss it in the shower. It's hard to get pass that unclean feeling.

    And my friend doesnt like getting eaten out. He's self conscious about what it may look/smell like down there.

    If he lets you in, I'd say thatd be a special moment. Cheers to saving your ass for someone special!

  3. I never thought of it in terms of top vs. bottom. Interesting. Regardless, you know how much you like how it feels, yes? And, hopefully, you want to please Chris as much as he pleases you (erotically, I mean). So, make sure he gives himself a good scrubbing down there and give it a try. You may find it's not so bad or you like it or maybe you'll love it. If you do like it, you might find you both like the other version of 69'ing, if you get my drift.

    There's bacteria and stuff down there, so cleanliness is important and something like Listerine after is probably a good idea.

    For your MOUTH, not for an enema.


  4. I am the same way, love getting my salad tossed but not willing to do it. I feel like I make up for it by giving amazing head.


  5. Oh God. a Listerine enema would sting for years...

    I love asses, and I am a total and complete bottom. And the dude I'm with played football and wrestled in High school, so he is fit and fine and has an ass that I could spend years eating out.

    And yet he, as the top in our relationship, can't stand doing it. He's tried once or twice, but i can tell his heart aint in it.

    It comes down to whatever floats your boat.

    Have fun ;D

  6. My first time eating an ass out, I was a bit grossed out about it too. But I quickly got over it because it's kind of an awesome feeling knowing how much pleasure the guy is getting from it. And as long as the guy cleans beforehand, then I'm totally fine with it now. :)

  7. Oly: I said MOUTH! MOUTH! NOT ENEMA.

    Sorry for shouting. A Listerine enema would be potentially dangerous as Listerine contains alcohol. I've read about people dying from wine enemas, 'cause the intestines absorb the alcohol much more rapidly than the stomach.