Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I'm just getting over my cold today, and I ended up having to cancel my date with PokerFace tonight... Even though I'm feeling better now, my throat is still really sore and I'm probably communicable still and I just don't think it would be any fun. I'm gone this weekend, so our tentative plans are to talk on Monday and maybe hang out next Tuesday or Wednesday. So maybe this cold came at the right time... I kind of got what I wanted in that we slowed down a little bit.

It's cool, I just got Netflix instant play set up which was the only thing keeping me sane since I was sick all weekend. I fucking love Weeds.

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I love netflix instant play thats all ive been doing the last couple of days:) Weeds was the next thing I was gonna watch! While I'm on the subject of showtime origianls you must watch The United Sates of Tara if you havent already. Its not available on netflix but I downloaded the complete season(torrent file) and watched it is amazing. 2010 is way too long to wait for the next season:(

    Its probably good things have slowed down a bit. I hope things go better next time with your 'dealings'.