Friday, May 22, 2009


Happened again. I told him it's not a big deal and it's not- I really just want him to not be so nervous and we can just take things in time. He was just so nervous and sweaty on top of me. It was a little gross. Still, we ended up blowing each other, showering, cuddling and watching TV which was fun. I just don't know how long this can go on.

It's hard for me to separate my frustration with the physical problems from my other issues which is just I don't know if I should be in a relationship now. I think we're going to go out on another date on Sunday, and this time we're going over to his place- so maybe he'll be more relaxed?

I also have a trip to fire island planned with some friends next weekend. I really have no idea what to expect, but I'm looking forward to it. From what I've heard it's just a 24x7 outdoor gay party. I haven't told PokerFace... I don't think I'm gonna.


  1. put on porn! or try it in the shower/kitchen table.

    my favorite ;)

  2. sweet of you, to be patient with him. hope he gets over the nervousness and gets it up eventually :]

    try the bj and then hopefully it'll stay up?

  3. Apparently, this is not all that uncommon a phenomenon for someone who's not topped before. He might be worried about his performance, he might be worried he'll hurt you, he might be worried that he'll get poppy on his pee pee, etc., etc., etc. The main thing is don't pressure him. Erectile problems happen to everyone (except me, of course). The first few times I was with another person, I had no trouble getting it up but found it impossible to finish the deed. I finally relaxed and stopped worrying about it and . . . BLAMMO!