Friday, May 8, 2009

Mixed bag

So I had my second date with PokerFace last night- we went to this new pizza place that was really fun and kind of trendy. We came back to my place and I had kind of already determined that I wanted to get fucked that night. We made out for a while and it was a lot of fun.

I know this post is sounding kind of negative, but that's also cause today at work I started getting a sore throat and coughing a lot. Basically in addition to all that, I'm pretty sure that I got a cold from him... I know that's not totally fair but I'm stuck in bed now drinking fluids and chicken soup when the weather is really nice out and I don't need to be fair.

And man, I was really looking forward to getting fucked last night :/


  1. hah, i had similar erection problem once. But it was because i was very tired and had a cold that day. Seems like Mr. PokerFace had similar condition.
    So relax, mate. It'll be great next time. Oh, showing ur eagerness to get fucked to him probably won't help his anxiety, will it? :)

  2. maybe his performance will get better. despite the nonfuck, seems like it was a nice date night :]

  3. dude... it's a race against time to get that condom on and the penis inside you!!

    This happens to a lot of guys.. for some reason, the work of putting on a condom manages to unharden a lot of folks.

    I have no advice.. just acknowledgment that it happens.

    And yeah, you're definitely too new of a gay to be settling so soon, so your feeling of boredom is also understandable.

  4. dont focus too much on seems like the date was a lot of fun otherwise. maybe if you relax him in some way next time or reassure him without making it obvious that you think he has anxiety...try putting the condom on for him and he seems to stay hard while you give him head so maybe out the condom on with your mouth? and then if you guys start with you on top so that he can relax and you will be doing more of the action...thats all got if i think of anything else i will post...sometimes you gotta work for

  5. It might have been the wrong size condom, or going on the wrong way, or just a little too antiseptic of a moment, or he might just like oral more, or...

    Oh well. ;-)