Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Rules

Letopho has post starting off on why some guys like straight guys, but it turns into an analysis of the rules we set up for ourselves and why we choose to break them. It's kind of like how you can make all these rules and assumptions for yourself, but when the right guy comes along nothing else really matters.

I was at a bar for cinco de mayo talking to my friend Alex and I found myself a little out of sorts. The thing about this new guy (I need to give him a name, and I've decided it will be "PokerFace")- the thing about PokerFace is he is super sweet. I get the feeling when I talk to him that he is in this for a relationship. As cool as that is, am I ready for a relationship? I just came out 4 months ago and I was just starting to have fun in the gay scene. While the one night stands were not really my thing, I was looking forward to going to Fire Island as a single guy, seeing New York in the summer as a single gay guy, and just having fun with my friends.

Then I remembered we've only gone on one date and I need to chill the fuck out and just enjoy life as it comes. We went to B Bar and had an awesome time. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


  1. it just seems to be natural for you to over analyze things so dont beat yourself up over it...its a good thing you caught yourself though. Glad you had a great time!!! My friends backed out on me:( lol

  2. don't think too hard on things, just let it flow naturally, might get your hopes up, definitely enjoy it while its here.