Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I had a strange thought today- when I got home from the gym on Monday I was kinda horny and I had a whole batch of new porn on my computer so I jerked off. It was pretty good. I realized today that that was the first time since I started dating PokerFace that I had jerked off (No... I'm not like a girl crossing off days on her calendar).

It wasn't like a conscious jerking-off-abstinence, I just always was anticipating getting off with PokerFace, and because of the Fire Island trip, this was the first time I'd gone over a week without seeing him (not counting when I was sick, and who wants to jerk off when they have cold sweats?).

I'm certainly not one of those weirdos who thinks jerking off is cheating, and like I said last time, I don't even know if I'm in a stage in a relationship where I'd even consider fucking another guy cheating. Still, it was just something that struck me today... when I was at the gym again. Heh.

Don't worry, I'm gonna hold off til my date with Pokerface on Saturday... We're going to see some of the movies at the LGBT film festival here in New York. There's something exciting about the suspense. Despite all our strange encounters and my misgivings about being in a relationship, I still get rock hard every time I see him in person. Looking forward to Saturday, even if it is for extremely shallow reasons... ;)


  1. Hm I guess I never really described him. Well, he's cute- he's my height, which I'm into, and he has a little stubble, which I used to think I didn't like, but now I kind of am into guys with the stubble... provided they know how to use it... and that it's not scratchy, which his isn't. He has a nice smile. He's not super gym-buff but he keeps in shape.

  2. It makes sense... its like you're saving your juices so that the next time you sex it up the O will be intense!

  3. Have fun. :-)

    And by the way, I've done the same thing, not because of "cheating" or any thing at all along those lines, but to simply increase the general aura of sexual tension. :-) I did actually realize that two weeks is about my limit, because I was sitting in a conference room with a bunch of peers, and just the slightest "unpure" thought was enough to get me excited. That weekend was fun. :-)

    Hah. Verification word: "Ushim." You heard blogger: Use him! ;-)