Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brutal Honesty Sunday

The film festival was excellent. After the double feature PokerFace and I had a nice dinner and headed back to my place.

He's a really good cuddler... I could have done that for hours. I guess we probably did. The next morning I took him to one of my favorite brunch spots, and then we came back and took a nap before he had to head out. We spent about 22 consecutive hours together, which is kind of a first for me. I came 4 times... so it does seem odd for me to be complaining I guess.

I guess I go into these dates hoping they'll answer my questions one way or another but they just bring up more. God, now I'm typing clich├ęs... Time for bed.


  1. You're both somewhat newly out, right? Give him some time. Dating should be more about getting to know the person than sex, especially early on.

  2. I'm newly out (this past February), but he's a year older than me and came out in college, so he's probably been out for 10 years now?