Monday, July 26, 2010

New Hood, New Gym

New Hood!

So when Chris and I moved in together, we actually moved into a new neighborhood. I'm now in the East Village. That means that pretty much everything about this blog is outdated now. I'm no longer in Chelsea; I don't feel like such a noob anymore; I'm out; and I'm already 30. I guess I should update the sidebar at some point but I'm lazy.

New Gym!

So I recently joined a new gym too, David Barton. For those of you who don't know David Barton, they have clients like Anderson Cooper and ads like this:
Did I mention their motto is "Look Good Naked"?

Basically they blatantly cater to the gay clientele. These are the only yoga classes you'll ever see that are 12 guys and 1 girl. It's pretty hilarious. But the gym is really nice, and the yoga instructors and most of the gym bunnies are nice eye candy. I know it's shallow, but I like going to gyms with pretty men in them. For one thing, you get motivated when you see someone with really nice arms or something, and also it gives you something to look at so you don't get bored.
So I've been trying to go to yoga twice a week, and also some of the group fitness classes. These are kind of like indoor boot camp classes. I did one a few weeks ago called "Guns" that was just really intense interval training with dumbell arm workouts. This past weekend I did one called "Rope Burn" that was a jumprope class with interval workouts; that one kicked my ass. It still hurts to go down stairs. I still made it to my yoga class, but it was pain.

I feel like i'm making huge progress though! Maybe its the lighting in the yoga studio, but my arms look huge doing some of the poses. I'm also SOOO close to being able to do a forearm stand. I really think I'm gonna get it within the next two weeks if I can stick with it.

The goal of course, is to go back to the nude beach looking my best. "Look Good Naked" indeed.


  1. Hi Will! Good to hear from you.

    I've never been to the States, so I don't have an experience to base my opinion. Moreover I'm not completely out even in Australia.

    I base my opinion on demographic studies. Pew Global's "World Publics Welcome Global Trade - But Not Immigration" is a very good publication. Sadly it did not cover Australian population.

    So... I'm as clueless as you are to judge if young people in Australia are pretty open minded on the whole.

    You might be able to predict your Australian cousin's attitude to his demographic groups:
    - male or female,
    - age group,
    - level of income (parents),
    - level of education (parents or themselves),
    - urban/rural upbringing,
    - political inclination and level of participation,
    - religious belief and level of religiosity,

    His taste in music might be an indicator too... If your cousins love Kylie/Gaga or open-minded artists, they might adopt similar mindset. If they are into gay-bashing reggae such as Elephant Man... umm... That would be the opposite.

    Above all, personal statement is one of the most powerful indicator. Have they said anything homophobic? Do they refrain from using "gay" to describe bad thing?

    Having said that, people do change as they grow up. Hopefully for the better. A young kid can have peer pressure to act or speak homophobic at highschool, but might be exposed to a more left-leaning ideas at university.

    Hope this helps. And keep me updated about your coming out to your Aussie cousins! ^_^

  2. Sounds like an awesome gym. Wish they had one like it in my city.

    Great Blog