Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hehe, at the suggestions of some friends, I checked out some bars in the Castro tonight on my last night here in SF.

I went to Q bar, which was having Ladies Night, which was appropriate because I was meeting 3 girls there, and they actually got some kind of drink special which was a good way to start the evening. We left when the cute barback took our table away, and the music got too loud to talk.

We went to Toad Hall, but it was kinda dead. Our friends chatted up the bartender who they knew and was kinda flirty with me, but it wasn't worth staying at, so we moved on.

We ended up at Badlands, where we were trying to find their friend a "Pocket Gay" (from what I can tell, this is a twink, just with a better name), and we danced the rest of the night away. Now I have to get up in 5 hours for a conference call. Ugh, now I remember why I hated being single and going out on weekdays before. I'm old.


  1. LOL @ "pocket gay"


  2. Is this a common term? I had never heard it before.

  3. Oh, I thought you had a boyfriend named Chris?

  4. @immigayrant - Yep! Chris and I are still going strong. He couldn't make it to SF though.

    I'm back in NY now!