Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ancient History

The Ex!
So I had a weird conversation with my boyfriend last week after we both got back from our vacations. We had just got back from our vacations and were at our own apartments catching up on TV and blogs and whatnot while talking on the phone. As a joke, I said "did you catch up on your porn?" And he kinda laughed, and then he made the strangest comment. Basically, he said he was browsing one of porn roundup blogs and SAW HIS EX.

Now me, I act like Joe super-cool, and I laugh at that and ask some simple "Really? weird" type questions, but I'm SOOO CURIOUS!

Basically, from other conversations, what I've been able to piece together is:
1) It's a solo thing
2) The guy has a HUGE dick
3) They went out about 7 years ago, so this guy can't be that young
4) He's sure it's him because the guy has a distinctive tattoo.
5) They would have gone out in Virginia, so this guy might be from the south.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but based on the time frame I think it might be this guy... but eh, I think he'd be too young. Eh, still not sure. Maybe this guy? but he's not really solo.

Adding to the list
So this is the creepiest thing I've ever posted, but after seeing New Moon (I KNOW), I would totally add Taylor Lautner to my list except he's JAILBAIT. Gross right?

Nothing has made me feel older than Taylor Lautner. Not even the fact that I'm turning thirty, NEXT SUNDAY ><.


  1. Happy Bday! LOL@the ex thing. Taylor Lautner is on my list as well and hey its only one more year till hes legal months even...dont feel bad cos he is smokin hot...

  2. I felt that I could lust after T.Laut because I'm 21 and that's not a huge difference until I found out he was born in 1992!

  3. Oh wow. I totally would have sent Peppermint pictures of my ex if I found them, just cause he's done the same to me. We both find it really funny, but good luck with your investigation!