Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catch up

Haven't posted in forever! I'm so behind on my blogs too! And my porn!

I've just had a string of visitors in town for the past few weeks. It's been fun, but it's been crazy.

The big 3-0

Everyone asks me if I felt like turning 30 was a big landmark, but I feel like I went through all the reassessment when I turned 29 (hence, uh, this blog, and everything that's happened because of it). I had an amazing birthday party with all my straight friends, and my new gay friends. I just got some space reserved at a casual bar in the east village, and people dropped by all night. At one point there were like 40 of my friends there! It's kind of a cliche, but I really do feel like my friends have been such an important part of my whole journey, and I think they were all really excited to be there, this year of all years, for so many reasons. My sister also came into town from DC, and it was the second time she and Chris have gotten to hang out a lot, and it was really fun. She likes him, a lot, which is important to me.

Gift update

So I ended up getting Chris a snowboarding Jacket- we're going to Vermont with some friends to go snowboarding for a 3-day weekend in January and we're really excited! He's never been at all, and doesn't have any snowboarding kit, so I'm gonna try to dig up an old bib and gloves and goggles from home, and I got him a new jacket and gloves for christmas. He got me a Le Creuset Dutch Oven that I've been wanting for a long time; we had discussed gifts like some of you guys suggested, and he basically came out and told me that he was totally stumped on gifts heh. It cooks like a dream (if you cook at all, you probably know Le Creuset), and the nice thing is we can cook more often with it.


Even if you're in Cali, you probably heard about our little snowstorm, right? Just right after my sister left, my cousin and her husband came to town for a wedding and also crashed with me. They were supposed to fly out Sunday, but because of the Blizzard and the crazy holiday flights, they didn't get a flight out until TODAY. It was really cool to have them the extra days and we got to do more stuff, but it is nice to finally have my apartment back to myself. If just for the porn.

I fly back to Cali today after work! And right after the New Year's, I'm going to Vegas with my cousins! These are the cousins I'm out to. It wouldn't be so weird if I ditched them one night to go to a gay club, but where would I even go? I really just want to see strippers and go-go boys. Now that I'm 30, I'm comfortable being a dirty old man :D. Anyone know a good place?

30, out, not-a-noob

Turning 30, having an awesome boyfriend, and being pretty much out to everyone I know (ok, there's still my Dad's side of the family and some of my high school friends I haven't seen yet this year), I kind of feel like this blog was wildly successful in it's first task! And it's probably time to refocus it. I dunno. Probably with the new year I'll have a new title, about box, and stuff like that.


  1. Happy birthday and congratulations on a wonderful coming out year! I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more of your adventures in 2010.



  2. Can you change the format LOL. It confused the heck out of me I was trying to comment on each little section of this post and couldn't find a comment link until the bottom LOL. Or maybe I just looked at it wrong.

    Anyway, Happy frickin' birthday!! *belated hugs*

    And I hope you're having a wonderful happy holiday season.