Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is the before picture. After 3 different parties in Chelsea, the West Village, and the East Village, all while it was kind of sprinkling, we managed to lose a few balloons here and there; I finally ended up giving the whole bunch to a girl who asked for them at the Pyramid club.

Super fun weekend, though. Hope you guys had a great time too! Looking forward to seeing everyone's costumes! Post a link to em in the comments if you got one!


  1. such a cute couple costume haha.

  2. omg! too adorable! and your badges are hilarious! i was too sick for halloween still getting over it:(

  3. heh I'm glad you noticed the custom merit badges ^^.

  4. it took me a while to get, but this is amazing.

  5. That's stellar! How many folks actually got the reference to "Up?"

  6. Most people did, if they had seen the movie. We even saw another white haired guy with balloons and a toy house, but he didn't have helium or a scout in tow so WE WON.

    Also I have been enjoying the unintentional compliments.

    Friend: "hey I saw your pics from hallowen but wasn't the kid supposed to be chubbier?"
    Me: "OH STOP! I'm blushing!!"