Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh, Hai, I'm Will.

Oh and since I'm pretty much out, this whole anonymity thing seems a little unnecessary right? Like, if one of my friends found this blog I'd be mildly mortified, but honestly I don't even post the good stuff, so whatever. Maybe some day I'll get racy and post my Jason Statham fanfic, but until then I can take the mask off.

Since I don't feel like a Noob anymore, I've changed my blogger handle from "ChelseaNoob" to "Will", and I put up a picture from my recent trip to Brazil. My sister was able to take a picture of me with a rainbow! It seemed appropriate.


  1. Well, welcome to blog-land as the REAL you!! I bet it feels a bit awkward but also more comfortable. :)

  2. You beat me to the punch... I was getting my own post ready for the end of the weekend!! Enough about me...

    It's nice to see you. ^_^