Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Start your Engines!

I'm super obsessed with RuPaul's drag race this season. I think I'm going to have a big viewing party for the Finale next Monday!

My favorite by far is Jujubee, the token Asian. I wasn't that big a fan to tell the truth, as she did this "bowing" thing on the runway that I was taken aback by, but she won me over with her killer reading skills a few episodes back.

So I thought I'd try out this tool http://www.dragulator.com/, promoted by the site. Here's what I came up with:

I may have missed my calling. So I need some help coming up with a drag name, y'all!

[UPDATE: OH! And I forgot to give you guys an update on how the meet and greet with the parents went. It went great! My parents have totally come around. They brought Chris a box of chocolates, and after dinner the second night, my Mom gave Chris a hug! I was super impressed with them (although I'm pretty sure my sister called them up and yelled at them to get them to behave). However it happened, it was amazing, and I'm really happy that they've come around and are still a big part of my life. I'm gonna meet Chris's Mom some time next month]


  1. Aww. Awesome! :-)

    And yeah, I'm having a "girl's night" with a couple of friends' girlfriends Monday for the finale. This is the one trashy tv show I'll admit to watching. :-P

  2. I guess your drag-name should be... Chelsea!