Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Gayversary!

Well, I'm actually a little late on this, but I thought I'd like to thank you all for coming to celebrate my gayversary. My first "coming out speech" was just over a year ago, at the beginning of February last year. What a long, strange, trip it has been.

I've managed to come out to pretty much all of my close family members. There are a few family members that just haven't been easy to contact logistically. I have 2 cousins in Australia that I've always felt close to, but I have had trouble finding convenient times to call, and calling someone out of the blue to come out seems so forced, although I guess I did that a lot. I have also heard, and this is completely not based on my experiences with my cousins, that Australians are in generally more socially conservative? I have never broached this subject with them, and I just don't want to trip some kind of cultural minefield.

In relationship news, I spent the first 3 months of my gay life being a big whore :), and then I met Chris and suddenly became a relationship gay. To be honest, looking back on it, I really probably thought I would be single for over a year, and date more, but I really don't regret any of it. I am really happy in my relationship right now.

Which... brings us to the newest piece of news... Chris and I are going to move in together! We're going to start looking at places when my lease is up in June. I'm so excited! He basically already spends every day at my apartment anyway, and it would be economical and practical, but MORE than that, I CANNOT WAIT to live with him! Ugh, now I'm getting all gushy. Still, it is exciting building a life with someone in a way that, 2 years ago, I had completely blocked myself off to.

The only snag is he still hasn't met my parents. I really think my parents will flip out if I move in with someone they've never met (but to be honest... they're going to flip out anyway, right?). Ugh, I need some advice on how to handle this one.


  1. Congratulations! I am glad to hear you are doing so well :)

    I wish you all the continued happiness.


  2. I though that me and Pete would kill each other when we moved in together.

    That was 10 years ago and we haven't killed each other. Yet. :-)

    It'll be a great adventure.

  3. Congrats! I'm envious on multiple counts. ;-) And you know, if the Aussies are more conservative, why is it that Sydney's Mardi Gras is the largest gay parade / multi-week party in the world? I *really* want to go.

  4. Hooray Will!!

    Congrats on your gayversary!! Where's the cake? LOL

    I hope things continue to work out between you and Chris!


  5. Well done, I admire your bravery, it is not easy and I respect your efforts to build a life of your construct.

    Wishing you all the best, and I am sure you will find a way to tell your folks.