Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home with friends

I know, I know. Bad blogger.

So I'm up super early on a Saturday because the couple above me had a kid 2 years ago, and now he starts running around at 8am on hardwood floors. Great alarm clock on weekdays. Horrible inconvenience on weekends when you want to sleep off about 4 bottles of wine. Chris and I cooked Steak and Brussels Sprouts for some friends who came over and we watched Project Runway and some other shows. It kind of felt super adult, in some ways, but it was really fun.

We've been doing a good job of keeping up with my one New Year's resolution, which was to save money and cook more. Chris is a really good cook, and it's really fun to plan and execute a meal.

One of my friends visiting said I was "nesting". Ugh, breeders. ;)

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